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Leave the Leaves Yard Sign

Leave the Leaves Yard Sign

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Let your neighbors know how you’re providing habitat for overwintering creatures by displaying this “Leave the Leaves!” yard sign.

Autumn is when many of us think we should put our gardens to bed by removing leaves and cutting back perennials. To support living creatures, however, it’s much better to leave fallen leaves, branches, stems, and seed heads where they are rather than blowing, shredding, or raking them away.

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The organic matter from leaves is essential forage and cover for butterflies, moths, bees, salamanders, birds, and other creatures. It also insulates plant roots through the cold winter months and then decomposes to build up living soil that’s so important to a healthy ecosystem.

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  • 7"x9" with rounded edges
  • Sturdy, durable, lightweight aluminum
  • Two mounting holes drilled for installation
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