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Kincentric Ecology with Ethnobiologist Enrique Salmon

Kincentric Ecology with Ethnobiologist Enrique Salmon

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Date: Thursday June 20th, 2024

Time: 5:00-6:30 PM EST 


Kincentric Ecology: Subversive Agroecological Kin with Enrique Salmon. 

Join Indigenous Ethnobiologist Enrique Salmon for a deep dive into the practices of kincentric ecology, and the human contributions to plant diversity. 

"Indigenous agricultural traditions maintain crucial legacies of hundreds of varieties of land races, unique vegetables, fruits, and legumes on the landscapes that are still sustainably manage by traditional farmers. These variety of plants are our human contribution to diversity. American Indians see themselves as part of an extended ecological family that is interconnected in a continual cycle where all life shares the same breath. We are all related to, and play a role as kin (relatives), in the complexity of life. Thus we live in a kin-centric relationship with all living things. This worldview does not differentiate or separate ontological spaces beyond and between the human and non-human worlds. It challenges the prevailing ways and dictates of the western botanical cult of objectivity and provides an alternative linguistic domain that situates local indigenous knowledge and dialogue." 

Dr. Enrique Salmón is the author of Iwígara: The Kinship of Plants and People and Eating The Landscape. Dr. Enrique Salmón is a Rarámuri (Tarahumara) and teaches American Indian Studies in the Department of Ethnic Studies. He is a leading expert in ethnobotany, ethnobiology, agroecology, ancestral ecological knowledge and the connections between climate change and Indigenous traditional foodways and land management practices. It is Dr. Salmón’s belief that these foodways are connected to every element and process of sustainable bio-cultural diversity and that all facets including cultural expression, landscapes, education, leadership development, networking and policy should be understood and supported.  

Tickets: We are offering a sliding scale for tickets to this event. If none of the pricing tiers feel accessible, please reach out to and we will help you register. 

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