2020-2021 Seed Sale

What to Know Before You Grow – Important!

Late fall and winter are ideal times of year to sow many of our native seeds, with a few exceptions. To ensure your success, please read through these resources before sowing seeds:

About Our Native Seeds

  • How Many Species Do We Offer? 
    75 species of wild type and open pollinated wildflowers, ferns, grasses and shrubs for a variety of growing conditions.
  • How Many Seeds Are in a Packet?
    Unless otherwise noted, each seed package contains 50-100 seeds.
  • What Is the Source of Our Seeds? 
    Staff and trained volunteers hand-collect, clean, and package all seeds from native gardens or private lands with owner permission in Maine. Wild Seed Project greatly appreciates all the help from our dedicated volunteers!
  • What if We're Sold Out of a Species?
    Depending on each year’s harvest, most seeds marked as "Sold Out" will be replenished in October, November, and December. Make sure to check the WSP Shop throughout the fall to see if your favorite seeds are back in stock!

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    Autumn and Winter Seed Sowing in Nine Easy Steps